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Most employers/entrepreneurs do not understand Unemployment insurance and how it works. Different states have different parameters.

In many cases you can't do anything to keep them from collecting, even if you do contest or give information on the truth of the matter, they still collect.

Oh well, why are so many people angry about this. It's a system, you participate in it.

Sure does that guy hire on with you only to try to get himself fired so he can collect? yea maybe, but how it works is, he can only do this so long, if he doesn't have enough paid in, he no longer collects.

Obama-ism has changed and prolonged that for years. But it's coming to a stop. The days of extensions being a thing of the past are neigh.

Once that happens, people with attitudes and seeking to get fired will disappear as they HAVe to work to get paid. It's coming, be patient.
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