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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
Next season, once the grass starts getting longer, you could try raising the deck and lowering the front skirt down a notch. Raise the deck high enough so that the "skirt" doesnt hit anything. Might only be half an inch in it!
I want have the same problem once the grass greens up and gets into a normal cutting state, the problem is the extremely dry fall weather and dusty leaves I'm dealing with. I can outrun most of the problem, but if I'm forced to slow the least bit it covers me, and the mower.

The deck does great in normal green grass, but is terrible in dry dusty conditions. I honestly never realized how well the XR-7 handled these dry conditions until I came straight off the new mower and got directly on the old one to see the real difference. I would say the XR-7 (with me cutting at a lower 2.75") is eliminating 95% of the dust and debris that attempts to come from underneath the front skirt, whereas the VX4 is eliminating possibly 70%, and believe me the 25% difference can cover you up.
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