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A blow out kit (dont even know if there is such a thing for the VX4 deck) may be an option. But then, you'd still have to fit it etc so not really something you'd be keen on.

I think you may just have to (pardon the pun) suck it up until you get some rain.
I raise my cut height through out the season. At the moment everything is around the 2" but by the end of season should be around the 3" or so. We're in drought here at the moment. Only had about 110mm (4.5") since July where I am. Thats not enough so understand the dust issue. Hate it! Im talking dust so thick I have to stop as cant see through it!

Maybe think about adjusting your grass height towards the end of next season knowing of these problems.

I have to choke my engine first start of the day. I dont see it as an issue since having the 31kawi before it. I do miss the 28efi though. If I run a tank dry, I need to choke again to get it re started on the new tank. Thats another thing I miss with the efi. It would cough and splutter before shutting down. Gave time to change tanks. These Kawis just shut off without notice. I was on a pretty good slope when it happened the other day! Not a good feeling!
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