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Originally Posted by JContracting View Post
Sub it out if you dont want to do it. In order to have a strong & loyal client base, you have to close all opportunity for them to find another contractor to do something that you should be doing.
I'd prefer them to not to pay for the entire yr up front. Most of my clients are good with paying on time. But invoices go out on the 30th, 31st, or 1st. Due by 15th or service stops and client still billed the same amt regardless of how many less cuts they received.
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Start billing june's services june 1st and be due the 15th or 20th. All my contracts are set up like that (over 250 townhomes, biz, and such). They get the first 15 days of service without money out and you get the last 15 days paid ahead. Really helps cash flow in spring and you catch dead beats before your have 15 to 20 days of service. I'm close to your area and know many guys lined up this way.
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