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Ok guys, wasted a few more hours and no farther ahead. Removed a lower engine mounting bolt, cleaned all the power coat, cleaned everything off the bolt and washer with wire brush and re-installed with dielectric grease. Same process with battery ground. Could not find any other ground to frame connections near the started.
After the ground work engine seems to run worse than before, could just be plugs (just replaced) getting dirty. I now question if there was ever an issue with the original O2 sensor. (have saed and may re-install) Cleared codes and 34 has set again.
Recap of what has been done; new airfilter IN/OUT, new ngk plugs properly gaped, fuel was at about 1/4, refilled full with new fuel, new OEM O2,
My next step is to check connections per the manual procedure as best I can.
Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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