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I have to choke my engine first start of the day. I dont see it as an issue since having the 31kawi before it. I do miss the 28efi though. If I run a tank dry, I need to choke again to get it re started on the new tank. Thats another thing I miss with the efi. It would cough and splutter before shutting down. Gave time to change tanks. These Kawis just shut off without notice. I was on a pretty good slope when it happened the other day! Not a good feeling![/QUOTE]

My old zero turns emptied fuel tanks evenly together, it seemed a little odd to me when buying a hustler the different setup. Is there any particular reason that you guys know of, for seperating the tanks?

The dust is one of the worst parts of this job! I usually havent bothered but this season I've been wearing a dust mask.
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