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And why do you think this is what you should do?

What are companies like yourself, and other companies you are giving this advice to going to gain from this wisdom?


The state will follow whatever guide lines it has, and as I previously stated, more than likely, if the former employee has a pool from which to draw bennies, he has a good chance he will get it.

If the state needs your input they inform you and you fill out your information and send it back.

After that? SO what? Get back to work, stop wasting time and energy, better spent on your business than tracking down some wastrel and feeding your senseless (and fruitless vendetta).

Calm down, down worry about what that loser or the state is doing, take a breath.

If anything, focus more on your hiring standards and what you can do to a) prevent yourself from hiring goons like that and b) how to attract better workers.

Now thats time and effort worth investing.
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