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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
is that a concrete footing on the wall? i like the custom touches like the etching.
also, what pavers are those? nice old world touch
3" footer with 2 parrallel pieces of 3/8" re-bar. Blocks were set in the concrete and the cores of the block were filled with concrete. I wanted that wall to last. My only concern is getting a crack that runs through the whole thing, but I think the blocks are independent enough still that it won't happen.

Those are Whitaker/ Greer clay pavers. Two different color runs. #37 and #38. The also were run throughout the 400' section of sidewalk we did almost 5 years ago.

The thing I'm most proud of in this one section is that it was done by hand with no compactor, only hand tampers. The only power tool used was a chop saw, and my mini skid to move dirt in for final grading.

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