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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
I have two of the rakes you're talking about. They're wide rakes for grading dirt and such. I might try it out next clean up.

Thing is, for me, I bag them up with the mower. I ride around on the mower looking dumb for the first 15-20 minutes backing over the lawn in a random patten to bust up the leaves some. Then I start to bag them. I found that if I back over them, it doesn't really bag them that much until you move forward. It just windrows them in a pile. Makes it easy to get more in the bags.

Corey, I asked about the time frame to contain all the leaves you were blowing around into a pile because I did a clean up a couple weeks ago about that same size. It took me just over 2hrs start to finish but I had them already loaded so I wouldn't need to come back. Plus you had someone helping you.

I'm on the fence as to whether or not bagging them as you go versus blowing them into a pile and then loading them. I think it's a wash to be honest.
I do the same. It can be a bit hazardous to the mower though if you have lawns with rocks and stumps sticking out than can be hidden by the leaves. Same thing with all the sticks that are down now from Hurricane Sandy...cost me a deck belt recently...stick got up in the pulley area and snapped it It also can be a problem if the leaves are wet. I think a leaf vac does better on wet leaves than a mower does. I sometimes dry the leaves a bit...hit them with the blower a couple of times to turn them and let them dry a little.
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