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Gave it a read and it is more detailed than what I read from Penn State and Rutgers some years ago.

How we approach the May Nitrogen application following the Late season fertilization program season may change a bit more for 2013.

Was using 1/2 Lb of N but may cut back to 1/4 lb N, and keep K at 1/2 lb, depending on soil type and soil tests.

My concern with N in May is Brown Patch is right around the corner, and I cannot control the weather.

Would be nice if OSU would write a paper, discussing a "Plan" to follow late season fertilization with some "Strategies" for Spring rates of N as well as Macros P, K and S.

I did not see any discussion with the Late Season Fertilization paper by OSU, on the Benefits of Potassium with the Late season Plan, extending the storage of Carbohydrates with keeping the grass greener longer and helping ward off problems with Snow Mold.

More to learn.

Thanks for the article
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