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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So are we talking about consuming the OM in the soils w/out replacement??? This article focussed on the reality of having the fertilizer applied at the correct time and never once suggestted adding microbes to make things happen...

Not sure how this article supports the buying and applying of microbes...
One thing for sure with this product Smallaxe, when there is Carbon at the dinner table (in the soil) these N fixing microbes work FAST in warm soils when Mineralization is working and a high rate of available N from them, gives a response.

At the 2012 standard rate applied in summertime, I saw too much release of N, and caused me disease issues.

In Spring the Product may be the right fit. I wonder if there was something to apply with the June application to turn off/ slow the rate of N release by the microbes???

Having used urease inhibitors with Urea applications to slow things down worked for Chemical Nitrogen.

What could we add to a June Application of Sumagreen to slow release of Microbe produced N when soil temps get warmer, which is a Disease playground........
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