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Originally Posted by Jimslawncareservice View Post
Is yours a 60" or 72"? I know I read it at one time, but its hard to remember who has what. Not sure the chute or hose size of your trac vac, but on the cyclone rake I never really clog it, unless a stick gets stuck sideways. But then again, I don't have it on a front mount. Mine has a 60" by the way. Hard to bog it down on the beast, plus the fuel usage is the best.
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Originally Posted by Green-Man View Post
I see more green! haha. What made you go with this rather than like a wright stander? Love the chevy, do you use it for work only or is it also a personal truck?
Originally Posted by Roger View Post
I believe you have taken off the chute deflectors on all your JD 7 Iron decks, right?

I have a 717A, 7 Iron (not II). Yes, I like the 7 Iron deck as you. But, I have found that using the chute deflector is important for better cover of debris dispersal. In early Spring, and late Fall, the chute is fully down. This provides a more directed flow of material, less spray. When the grass is heavy, I raise up the end a couple of inches. It helps spread heavy clippings better when in that position.

I need to raise the chute for trailer transport. I have a light chain attached to the height adjustment control, running down to the end of the chute (bolt with large fender washers). I have an S-hook at the top. When I need to raise the chute for transport, the chute comes up, the hook finds the best link. During the use when I want to raise the end a couple of inches, I raise it, finding the best link for the S-hook.

In my experience (I'm working in SW PA), having the chute fully raised (equivalent to taking it off), I will have slight windrows about 3-6 feet from the discharge. Having it fully down, I get a wider dispersal, starting at about 2 feet, extending to 6-8 feet away. I see less windrowing with it fully down (unless the growth is heavy, then I raise the end a couple of inches as noted above).

Just my $0.02 from experience with the 7 Iron deck.

I only use mine part time, a bit more than 1,800 hours in five seasons.

Jim - my 1445 has the 72" deck. The trac-vac hoses are 8" in diameter and wouldn't use anything smaller then 8" if possible.
The yanmar deisel is a BEAST! Great fuel economy too!

Green man - Thanks! I didn't demo any stander then the J.D. since my dealer only sells the green ones.
Although I may demo the new J.D./wright stander that will be out for 2013 I think. i have heard alot of good things about the wright standers.
My Chevy is for work and some personel use too. I use to drive a chevy - 6.0 gasser, But got sick of the MPG pulling my enclosed.

Roger - thanks for your detailed review of the 7iron deck cutting and discharge of clippings.
I have removed the blockers from the mowers. I installed a blocker on my 930 z. So around homes/people,ect - I close it down.
I feel the clippings from the WI lawns shoot very well for us even when moist from morning dew.
I have not had any cluping or windrow issues with the chute blockers removed.
If the lawns are soaked from a quick rain, and were just trying to finish the current job, then it will clump a bit.
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