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Originally Posted by GreenI.A. View Post
I know a guy who worked for a large national company, very large corporation with not only a human resource department but a large legal department as well. They did everything to cover their bases. He was fired for theft, the company filed a police report and he was charged with theft and credit card fraud. He pled guilty to the charges. The state still allowed him to collect for 18 months.
Yep, this depends on the state. For my 9-5 Corporate job, I work in Corporate Security / Loss Prevention and we deal with stuff like this on a regular basis. This is why we get a written statement of admission from the employees after their verbal admission during our interviews. Our HR dept gets a copy of the statement for the employees file so if or when they file for UE benefits, they can provide the UE office with the employees written statement of admission to theft/fraud/etc. In most cases, this usually results in a denied claim.

I had a guy a couple years ago who stole from multiple stores in multiple jurisdictions so we were charging him in 5 different counties and/or municipalities. This guy stole almost $50k worth of stuff. He applied for UE benefits and it ended up going through multiple appeals even after providing his admission statement and copies of the video footage of him stealing. Eventually they denied it, but I felt sorry for the HR person who had to deal with the process and attend all the meetings.
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