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Originally Posted by LFD 1249 View Post
Thanks Wayne 55. I'm not really worried about losing this job. But I've got other bids to submit and in just second guessing myself. I agree with you I'm not going to bid on the work just to have it. If I can't make a profit then it's pointless to have the work. I'm going to submit my bids for next year as they are now. And if I get them then great, if not then I will be happy with what I have already.
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This is why you or me never get these jobs. You say it is pointless if you cant make money. The big companies will bid this low just to assure the crews have work. If they can sit in the office and make $50 profit they will do it. You or me want to make good money on this type of job. I work with me and 1 helper and I could never be competitive with the big guys price on this. Think about it, they can profit something regardless how small the profit and the guys get the hours. Its win win for them but for you or me it is BS. This is why I mainly just try to stick to residential. good luck and happy holidays
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