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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
thanks for all the contributions here
beds take a long time to clean out- especially ones with pine type shrubs/ ground cover. the leaves just stick in them and it takes for ever to blow them out from different angles- never getting it looking perfect.
if you are going to get a walk behind blower i strongly suggest a self propelled model 9hp minimum. do not get the briggs straton egine ones either i hear they are bad. the things weight over 200lbs and unless you are on a parking lot or football field there is likely to be some hills which are terribly frustrating.
add alot of price if you are going to haul them away using your tarp and pick up truck. its very time consuming and labor intensive.
Briggs makes the vanguard engine and they have a very good track record. Now the old cast iron block ones we use to use in the 90s the 8hp and the 11hp briggs they were 300 hour motors tops and complete junk. But I have 2 18 hp vanguard motors on my 2 self propelled fradan leaf blowers. I keep one as a spear and in the old days we would bring 3 or more ground blowers to a clean up now the one 18 does the work off all of that. And it frees up the guys to use the br600s which makes cleans ups very quick indeed.

Now you mention the hill issue and that's always something I prefer to do with backpacks but the fradans can handle some decent hills and if you got the upper body strength it's all part of the job. What I don't miss was the old push versions and fighting to get running starts to try to man handle them up inclines.
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