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Originally Posted by Tmurph2960 View Post
Well, lets see..... this morning it was 18 and my my mower started without starting fuiled. it never has until I adjusted my valves and used 5w30oil.... so I think that I will stick with what i AM DOING.....
Tmurph....I don't care if you woke up and you were 118.....
You adjusted the valves on your FC420. 14hp engine...with an adjustable valve train..
You just instructed the OP to perform the same procedure on an FB460 12 1/2hp engine..
Valve adjustments on the FB460 can only be made by removing the valves and grinding the stems.
Kinda like trying to install windows xp pro on a smartphone...ain't gonna happen...
I think I will stick with what I am doing too......
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