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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
So you knock on the door or what? A lot of my customers aren't home when I service their lawns and a good number of them are only there seasonally. I don't even want cash...rather have a check. That way I have a check number on my books and the customer has a cancelled check, or at least an electronic image of it in case there are any disputes. And putting cash in my pocket...well, I'll likely spend it before I get to deposit it, lol.
I have NEVER had a problem with this method. I come on the same day, time frame for every customer, every visit. I do get checks, but my payment is under the front door mat waiting on me. If they forget, I call and remind them and they double up on the next visit(no special trips are made for collecting). No contracts. No "low monthly" payments. I work, you pay and I manage my money for the year with a 2 1/2 month vacation. It works for me.
All equipment is wore out. <- Never mind. All equipment has been repainted and with new decals. It's like I have new mower's again!
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<- That's how I feel at the end of the day.
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