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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
everyone knocks those giant vac leaf loaders with only 15-16hp but my old boss has one that is 25 years old and if the leaves are dry, it will keep 3-4 guys busy raking a pile of leaves up to the 12" hose.
I am pretty sure the giant vac 16 hp are a 10 inch hose. I own 2 20hp vacs and those are 12 inch hoses and the difference is quite amazing on a 10 inch hose the opening is 78.5 sq inches but on a 12 which is just 2 inches larger its a staggering 113 sq inches. And of course that makes for a lot fewer clogs

Dream would be to get the monsters with the 18 inch hose and 254.34 sq inches

We seldom use rakes on out piles its one guy backing up the truck and one guy on the hose. Now if its wet and heavy the guy in the truck will end up out side helping to break up the leaf pile. But if its dry or even just moist the 20 hp vac will eat through that like its not even there.

Now when use to go to a dealer up state he was telling me a story about a company they sold a 25 hp version too. And when they were done with a pile for some reason they got distracted and left the vac on full rpm. Any ways they heard a big impact on the impeller a few mins later and thought little of it until the home owner came out looking for her poodle.
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