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Yup, I have no question you know what you're doing Kelly.

I do use the wheel blower once I'm out in fairly level open areas, for pitching into the woods and through gates and such. But since I got my Husky 580 I use it a lot less. The power is pretty amazing and the control almost makes up for having less power than the wheel blower. Granted I only have a 10HP unit. I get a cleaner blow with the backpack too, and I can move the pile from the front as well. Generally what I do is sweep the heavy accumulations forward and then scour up to the "pile", push it ahead a bit and repeat. This can be done without a lot of footwork. Often I just stand in one spot and swing an arc with the tube, since I tend to move my leaves as a front rather than a pile anyway. Probably 80% of my accounts are "blow to woods" jobs.

What's driving me nuts this year is the number of sticks mixed in from the hurricane. Being down on the shore too I'm sure you know what I mean. I got 4 barrels of sticks off a 5,000 sq ft account yesterday and that was without anything big down..damn Norway Maples shed like crazy! In fact my son is out back with about a dozen friends burning them now...little bonfire party before he goes back to college tomorrow.
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