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Yea the sticks are killing us this year I even find trees knocked over on lawns we go to, and have to find out if they want us to remove them. I running 3 trucks this season I have a 89 gmc 3500 with a 16 yard box and a 20 hp swing away. The employees ride in that I am driving a 2011 crew cab ram 4500 and I have a 15 yard box on that and a tow behind 20 hp vac. And my partner is driving a 2012 crew ram 4500 and he towing our 16 ft trailer and we use his truck for sticks and we have to empty it every single day. What I love about the twin boxes is just because our box is 3/4 full and its late doesn't mean we have to head home with an hour of light left we can usually find another clean up. Also on weekends it helps a lot in the past we would often max out the leaf truck on Saturday but our dump closed at 3 and if we missed we were screwed for Sunday.
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