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Originally Posted by kyles landscape View Post
what about just giving the guy the job obviously you need some sort f trust and relationship but you give him the job and he kicks you back money no need to show up or do the work on site. (this is assuming i cant do the job)
There is almost always a need to babysit unless the job is 100% cut and dry. As far as kickbacks go... I don't go for that stuff, and a lot of my friends don't either... we generally all feel that if you need a kickback for getting us jobs that you are otherwise doing something wrong. I did a job for one guy in the summer who unbeknownst to me tacked on $300 for himself to the bill. Didn't find that out until it came time to get paid. Went to look at a job at his house the other day... his actions this summer cost him a LOT more than the $300 that he made. Rather than making a good gesture and keeping his bill lower than what most would pay, I jacked it up much higher than what I would ask of most people.
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