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Originally Posted by rbljack View Post
How do yall go about cleaning out the beds and borders that are full of vines, and english ivy? I've been looking at backpack blowers lately, and that seems to be everyones answer for the most part. I had an old blower vac that I am currently using, but I hate it.

Do the back pack blowers clear the leaves out of viney beds and get them out into the yard? If so, i can mow them up from there, and deal with them i think.
A back pack makes the job easier but it is still work getting them out of the ground cover. The back pack gets the deep ones out better than a handeheld & really shines when blowing leaves that are on top of ground cover as you are getting them out. My technique for ground cover is alternating between moving the blower tube in a small circular motion & moving the tip up & down. Both circular & up/down are fast motions not slow, it seems to agitate the leaves up out of the cover
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