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Originally Posted by jsslawncare View Post
I have NEVER had a problem with this method. I come on the same day, time frame for every customer, every visit. I do get checks, but my payment is under the front door mat waiting on me. If they forget, I call and remind them and they double up on the next visit(no special trips are made for collecting). No contracts. No "low monthly" payments. I work, you pay and I manage my money for the year with a 2 1/2 month vacation. It works for me.
JSS I do the same as you. Most of my clients pay while I'm there. I don't go chasing payment. They bring it out to me while I'm working or leave it at pre determined location. I offer monthly but these clients prefer paying each visit. I have 2 that get bi weekly bill cuz of their payday & 3 monthly. I work with the client & let them choose what method they want. New clients are not offered monthly until I get to know them & feel they will be prompt payee.

I'm only part time with 15 clients & this has worked for 3 seasons. Gonna give full time a shot next season & may move to strictly monthly once the client base gets built up. Kinda leary though cuz in 3 seasons thee only time I got burnt on payment was first season, a woman that called wanting service after her & husband seperated & she moved back in house 6wks later after he moved out. I never met her face to face, gave her price over phone. 3 mowings for the month & left bill on door on last visit of the month. I mowed her the first week of following month & when I had not received payment in 15 days (term stated on bill), I tried contacting her. She would not answer phone or reply to my voicemails. $30 lawn so got burnt on $120/ 4 visits. That's when I decided to only offer billing after I got to know the client!
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