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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
Okay, I must just be "lucky" or have a good sense of a customer but I always have billed monthly and only burned once or twice and mostly that was because the customer fell on hard times and just could not make ends meet. You guys that collect each week just keep in mind that if you ever want to grow larger and have employees out on their own, you'll surely not want them picking up your payments every time - just thinking ahead. If you want to stay small scale than it probably works well. A majority of our clients done even live in their houses up here year around - mostly vacation homes, so that would never in this area.
Agree 100%! Of course it won't work in vacation home area. I stated in the past in another thread, that weekly payments will only work with owner/operators. Crews could not & should not be responsible for handling payments. It has worked for my situation being solo part time, when I go full time & client base gets built up, I can weed out the weekly payees as they are the least desirable accts. My weekly payees are mow only with barely any other work wanted. I want to be strictly full maintenance when I go full time, so will drop less desirable accts as I grow.
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