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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So Barry, are you saying that Sumagreen has material in it that adds OM to the soil??? Compost physically adds OM to the soil, because it is made up of OM...

For dog spots, caused by extreme application of liquid urea(urine),,, one possible way of 'tieing up that N quickly', is to add sugar or molasses, thus changing the carbon to N ratio...

So when addressing Heritage's concern about the excessive release of N, during the growing season by over active microbials; would a food like soybean meal work better becuz it is harder to digest???

Heritage,,, have you checked the amount of water going to these lawns??? microbials really take off in excessive water environments and as you've noted,,, disease problems follow...
Yep smallaxe, It was my own lawn, good soil drainage and less than 1.5" input per week on PR that was never in a summer dormant state.

But I live in a river valley, and humidity and air movement are issues and leaf wetness longer than 10 hours is common. Again soil drainage is very good here.
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