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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
Smallaxe "So are we talking about consuming the OM in the soils w/out replacement??? This article focussed on the reality of having the fertilizer applied at the correct time and never once suggestted adding microbes to make things happen...

Not sure how this article supports the buying and applying of microbes... "

Heritage "One thing for sure with this product Smallaxe, when there is Carbon at the dinner table (in the soil) these N fixing microbes work FAST in warm soils when Mineralization is working and a high rate of available N from them, gives a response.

At the 2012 standard rate applied in summertime, I saw too much release of N, and caused me disease issues.

In Spring the Product may be the right fit. I wonder if there was something to apply with the June application to turn off/ slow the rate of N release by the microbes???

Having used urease inhibitors with Urea applications to slow things down worked for Chemical Nitrogen.

What could we add to a June Application of Sumagreen to slow release of Microbe produced N when soil temps get warmer, which is a Disease playground........"

Good observations from both of you.

We specialize in putting together lawn care programs which effectively reduce NPK inputs while still meeting the quality demands of our clients. We do this for economic, agronomic, and environmental reasons.
Most conventional programs are aimed at providing green grass without addressing the importance of maintaining a healthy population of soil microbes. This approach can lead to weakened root systems which increase nutrient runoff, irrigation requirements and pesticide usage.

Also the sole reliance on conventional methods does little to improve soil health. The addition of organic matter and microbial stimulants can provide much more to the plant than a few necessary elements which will keep a lawn green. Adding them to a program has been shown to increase root mass, reduce irrigation needs, improve nutrient uptake and strengthen the natural immune systems of plants.

Smallaxe, I don't believe I have ever posted anything stating that adding OM should not be part of any type of lawn care program, quite the opposite. I included the Cornell Publication merely to point out the importance of microbial activity because this subject is rarely covered in lawn care education. IMO, it is critical to understand how this plays a role in providing green grass with less impact our health and the environment. Oh, and our pocket books as the cost of fertilizer keeps rising and billions of $'s in taxes are spent on cleaning up our water.

Heritage, SumaGreen may not be the best choice for a June application. At that time of year, we recommend a granular product which is high in very slow release organic matter and is impregnated with a natural growth regulator and inhibits diseases.
Thanks Barry,

Your anwser can help those using Granular. We are all liquid prescription applications, and Sumagreen is of course a Liquid product.

I am happy with the Idea of products like Sumagreen, but I need to have more information on the mode of action and how we can turn on/off and or suppress the Microbials depending on how the seasons forecast will look with heat and rainfall. The carbon is already there in "good soil" and carbon also in the sumagreen to feed the N fixing component(s).

How do we turn the Sumagreen Microbials OFF, without having a negative impact on the soil food web, when soil temps above 65F?
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