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Season is close to winding down

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I've had time to review everyone's post...I am glad to see there are alot of individuals making progress in their holdiay lighting business.

As a former decorator, now supplier...I would like to see everyone's home decorated and every street corner decorated. But as we know this isn't possible without individuals that have passion and pride to push this industry in the right direction. It's not a one month business model anymore.

Everyone keep up the great work and I am thankful to say we are doing our part for the eco system with our new boxes this year...ha ha Mr. Prew.

Two weeks left of decorating..then you can charge double for those stragglers who are behind the eight ball and call you late.

Every year the same thoughts come across my mind, what can we do as a collective to improve the standards of installation and product to make our industry thrive more in the future. I'm not thinking of selling more product when I make that statement, but haven't you wondered why there isn't a holiday decorators association which goes by a standard principles like other associations. Any thoughts on this would be helpful...future project for everyone to be part of.

Be safe out there.
Holiday Lighting is an Art between Chaos and Bliss!

Happy Holidays,

Mike Marlow
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