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Engine Swap - Billy Goat Leaf Loader

Hoping someone on here can give me some advice on which motor I should purchase to replace my leaf loader motor. First off here is what I currently have:
Billy Goat Model TR1104
Briggs 11 HP OHV motor
Model: 210432
Type: 0125E1
Code: 06821YE

So here is what's happening. Starting last year I start bending push rods. First time it happened I just swapped in a new push rod and that bought me probably 10 more hours before it bent again. My uncle (who knows a whole lot more about engines then me) had me remove the head to see if we could see why this was happening. I did that and right away he found one of the valve guides had ridden up a bit. He said that was probably my cause. He said we could push it back down and peen the side over to make it stay. I opted to buy a whole new head because I want something to rely on, not something rigged. This year at the end of this season I am starting to bend push rods again. I replaced it and verified the valves were adjusted to manufacturers spec. I purchased a couple so I could hobble through the rest of the year but I am only getting a couple of hours before they bend again. I don't want to replace the head on this unit again (not sure if that is the cause this time). Now that my season is over I would like to order a new engine for it and install it next summer. I'd like something with more HP and preferrably Honda. Other than the engine problems, the unit is working out fine for me. I threw a new impeller on it last year. Does it make sense to get more HP or will I not notice much difference because my hose is only 8 inch?

Does anyone know what engine I could replace it with that will be the closest match? My father in law is a car restoration guy / fabricator so he can help me make whatever is needed to get the new one to line up. Thanks for your help.
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