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Hey sry everyone, Im new like I said and am havin heck of a time trying to figure this forum reply stuff out...but hopefully this post goes through. I appreciate the replies. The terrain varies where I am. I want to get a walk behind but I already know that due to hills and tight awkward spots I will never be able to be without a push mower. So Ill always have one on-board the trailer. But I dont like using credit so I think Im gonna do my darn-dest to save up and pay cash for a walk behind. Im set on a 36"...I think, and I will be getting a 52" or else a 60" Lazer Z for the bigger stuff. Ive been looking for a zero turn and I think I have convinced myself to upgrade my trailer so I can get a 60" deck this time. My old tractor was a tiny 42" but Ill tell ya what, it got the job done. Im a firm believer that any type of equipment will do the job if its maintained properly and frequently. I want to hold out a little bit longer so I can see the bids coming up this next year to see whats out there before I make the final decision of if the 52" will be suffice or if the 60" is needed.

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