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I would start at the controller, measure resistance of each solenoid write them down and then check them at the valves, you could have a bad wire splice buried someplace or some bad wiring what kind of site is it?

Originally Posted by SCBigE View Post
ive got one account that is nothing but an irrigation cluster f..k. Just as i took on the account i had to replace the box, which the customer said it was the third time. When i replaced the box only 3/4 of the stations worked but the owner said they all worked before i installed the new box. Ever since i replaced the box i loose stations by the week and am down to 2 working now. I tested with a multimeter at each valve and the all have power. I am going to start replacing salenoids next week. WHAT ELSE AM I DOING WRONG? OR IS THERE SOMETHING ELSE I NEED TO CHECK?
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