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Originally Posted by MSlandco View Post
Not even for a second.
We are a good sized corporation and we do not need anyone telling us how to run our business.
We are M&S Landscaping, it took us 20 years to get to where we are and to build the reputation we have today.
Take pride in your work and you will be set apart from your competitors, let that be your marketing. Let people physically see that you are better then the rest and they will have no problem paying top dollar for your service.
We are never the cheapest bid, actually we are always the most expensive. You win some you lose some, but its nice havin nothing but top dollar paying accounts.
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That last sentence is gold. I can't think of any instance when my bid wasnt the top, starting out (2011) was kinda slow but now that I have somewhat created a brand and having higher prices paid off and will continue to do so in the future. I foind this thread when I searched franchises but never found one about Spring Green. They want me to purchase an existing franchise as the current owner is retiring. I can still keep my existing company and will have an employee handle all ops if I were to purchase the Spring Green Franchise. Plus I could double market, get the fert for SG and advertise my company (full service maint & install) to the existing 450+ clients. If I can obtain financing for it I think I may go for it. Does anyone have any insight on owning a Spring Green franchise?
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