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I believe I recommended he have some cash on hand for when his equipment failed and asked some questions that still haven't been answered. Isn't my post still visible to you.

I see so many guys in this business start out under capitalized, to the point that when one thing breaks they're out of business. 5 x 10 trailers are quickly outgrown; I'd recommned stepping up to a 6.5 x 12 footer. I would stay away from Chineese lawn mowers. And I would recommend buying a decent sized commercial backpack blower not a cheap one...but....I still don't know what he already has other than the brand name. Does he even have a suitable vehicle or is he going to be carting his stuff down the sidewalk?

Now that I know a little more, I'd recommend he forget about the idea entirely if he's only going to have 4 or 5 customers. That's not worth the trouble and cost to set up and insure a business and the extra paperwork at tax time. He's cash poor and doesn't want to finance his purchases. Sounds to me like he's not ready to start a business.
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