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Originally Posted by Green King View Post

Can you elaborate on the build? With the exception of the mower deck. I had heard that it was basically a kubota with a few twists in it. I too would be curious in the construction of the mower deck. I have never seen one in person and all the massey dealers around me do not even know the machine exists.
First this thing is huge, the one I saw was the 3 cylinder diesel. I mean it looks way bigger than a lot of 60 in commercial zero turns. As far as looking like Kubotas zero turn, yes they look like the older ones without the pro decks. The decks are stamped steel decks not like the heavy duty welded ones on most commercial mowers. They have pumps & wheel motors. As far as quality I guess it looked good but cant figure out why Rural king is selling them. I mean everything they sell is low end homeowner stuff . Like I said there is no way I would pay 10k for it . I would just buy a new Ex or Scag TT..
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