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I got home at midnight and was in the garage until 3am last night cleaning up and making new shelves for everything so everything would fit in the garage for winter(both JD's, and my truck and plow. I woke up a 7 am this morning and left my house around 9 to do some tree work. Family was home all day. So it had to have happened in that window.

I hope insurance covers it all. Everything was brand new or in brand new condition bought this year in the spring to become more efficient and less breakdowns(ontop of getting stuff stolen this spring)

I will be installing wireless security cameras in the garage and on the second story of my house to survaillance all areas around my garage,linked with my ipad and iphone and able to view from any where with internet connection. It will hav a2 TB Hard drive storage for up to one year in memory.I am going to set it up to delete every 120 days so i wont run out of room. I have been robbed twice in the last 6 months. Its time to start being smart and secure everything the proper way and i guess that means cameras, dead bolts, and motion detectors.(which should have been installed anyway from the start with 30k of loose equipment in there)

Insured and Licensed
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