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I am 20, I currently run my own business which usually only consists of myself, I hire a buddy once or twice a season for large jobs I get. I was going to the University of Delaware right out of high school, I got really sick, missed 3 weeks of class and failed the semester. The school didn't feel any remorse for me and I had 18 deficit points which mean that I couldn't be full-time anymore. I did part-time for two semesters with little luck and then I decided, screw it im gonna start my own business. For the past year I grew from the kid who cut 6 neighbors lawns, to the kid who cut 18-20 lawns a week and was involved in 3 large landscape renovations.

I did apprx. 80 yards of mulch, 7000 sq ft of sod, and 12 yards of topsoil this past season.

I have already picked up 3-5 new customers for next year, no contracts signed yet but they are neighbors of current clients. I go to Del-Tech, which is a community college 3 days a week. I have done pretty well except for Organic Chemistry. After three more semesters I will have my Associates degree and hopefully by then I can hand my company over to a full-time employee. While I get a Bachelor's in Marine Biology, yea I know its a 180 from landscaping.

Do I need the degree, No. I personally was always good at business and accounting class, I could do that stuff in my sleep, Math and Chemistry is were I struggled and now that's basically my major. My goal would be to hand my company over to a few full-time employees while I am studying fish in crystal clear water somewhere.

Landscaping paid for it all, most people in our line of work don't have parents to pay for a 4-year college. My parents were going to pay until I failed out.

There is an Old Blue Chair for each and every one of us, we just have to find it.

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