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Originally Posted by herler View Post
What we're talking about here...
You eat a great big meal, you want just the desert?
Guess what, someone made dry potatoes without gravy, son of a gun that sucks but you still have to eat it!
We get to the desert as a result of eating the whole enchilada, dry potatoes and all.

It is better, in my opinion, to learn how to work with them folks.
I've got customers I only service once a month and they spend between $25 and $30 a service.

Some would think it's not worth it but it's all in how you streamline the process, back in the old days when I did everything on paper it sure didn't seem worth keeping a monthly customer on paper that only covered two weeks at a time, I'd have extra work on account of them... But today it's all on computer, my schedule covers the entire year so it really doesn't matter whether they want service every week or every month or whatever...

Because in all of that I get those who only call maybe once or twice a year, some call me as little as once every two years or so, but call they do!
And I'm telling you, their money's just as good, their green spends as fast as the rest, sure does.

Or you can go ahead and try and figure it out on your own, because I did,
which is why I can almost guarantee in the end you'll come to the same conclusion...
Those bottom feeders and all of that you folks speak of, it's all just par for the course.
Because the grass really is not greener on the other side.
There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
And there is no silver in them dark clouds.
No, it doesn't get any better than this.
This is as good as it gets.

Believe you me I know, I wasted many a year and countless hours of energy on this one so you can trust me.
Your philosophy is out the window TS. We're talking about bottom feeder customers here. I don't have any. I do have a few customers that have me only prune the rose bushes at their place or the shrubs. That's it. I get paid very well for doing it. I don't work for free or for peanuts. Just because a customer doesn't have me do all the work doesn't mean they are not worthy as a customer. I strive to "convert" all of them over to full service. A good example on one customer. She has a guy cutting the lawn each week yet she has me prune rose bushes, hedges and do a leaf clean up at the end of the year. You can bet that next season I'll be cutting the lawn too. Why you ask, because the other guy doesn't offer any other services but cutting grass. I already primed the customer so she knows whats coming. She even agreed that if he doesn't do anything else that I'll start doing her lawn. I mulched the flowerbeds at her place and would you know, the guy blew grass clippings in the fresh black mulch! I all but had the job after that but she felt compelled to let him continue. This year will be different.

Also, $25-30 a month is peanuts and to me wouldn't be worth driving to the job to do it. If you spend more then 10-15 minutes there, you're just making peanuts.

I tell ya what, I'll trust you for about as far as I could throw you. I'm a toothpick, you do the math.
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