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We do bring Christmas spirit to a lot of folks. In my sales presentation, I often talk about what makes folks feel good when they pull in the drive. I say that Christmas decorating creates an emotional response in everyone, and some things are just right for one person. maybe it is multi colored bulbs, or all red or all green, or even purple and gold. maybe it is a huge wreath on a barn, or just simple mini lights in a few bushes, and that is it.

A good interior decorator asks questions to determine what effects the person wants, and then uses his or her skill to create that vision in an orderly fashion using the right number of groupings and colors and sizes. The best interior decorators use every trick in the book to also create that look while staying in budget. And the best interior decorators always find or give a few surprises for free, to put the customer just over the top. extras they found that cost little and they knew would be perfect.

we should be doing the same things outside. I have always taken it as my personal responsibility to create a very positive emotional response when folks pull up in the drive way. yes, that almost always means minimal visable cords, fluffed wreaths and garland, perfectly spaced and no bulbs out and timers working, no visible hanging mini lights from bush to bush, etc. It also means we need to use every trick in the book to stay on budget. sometimes it means giving things away free, at least for the first year when you know a customer wants it but does not want to spend the money. In a 1000-2000 install, when you are already there, it costs us very little to add a few things here and there that really can make the home look so much better. The customer may fall in love with it and pay you for them next year, maybe not. sometimes I guess wrong. But giving the customer more has always served me well.
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