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Does a college degree = successful business?.....probably not.

Does a college degree hurt someone from becoming a successful business.....probably not.

Success is determined by many factors and that is why a wide array of people are successful. But I completely agree with people about the "process" of going to college. I will say this though, potential clients attitudes change from being on the defensive to being open and accepting when in conversation my educational background comes up. (Masters degree) I started a thread a while back about what makes a successful business owner and is it a learned process (not necessarily college) or do some people just have "it".

One interesting thing I noticed when reading landscape publications is that when they profile businesses who have family members in the ranks many of the sons/daughters get sent to college to get degrees while working hard in the summers and during any breaks. Does this mean anything? I don't know but there is value in education. Also even when you have a degree much of the learning is done in on the job training and internships. I learned so much more from internships than the classroom. But the classroom gave me a background to be successful at the internship. Just like people in this industry get certifications and attend workshops. Even those in Horticulture or Business degrees learn how to apply the knowledge in the hands on classes. Were you a person who worked for a landscape company for years before venturing on your own? If so you learned something just like going for certifications or diplomas. Nothing beats hands on learning. I think the most important part for anyone, degreed or not, is continually learning and bettering themselves in their craft/trade.

I think the problem with today's college education is that a bachelors degree is about equal to what a high school degree was 20-30 years ago because almost ANYONE can get one without much effort. Masters degrees are more like what a bachelors was 20-30 years ago.

I've met business owners in both positions. Do you need a degree to open a business? Absolutely not.
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