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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
"You have a long way to go to become a contender."

That is true and those big companies aren't going to give a little guy like me, a single product company, the time of day until I make the SB known and can show sales on a much larger scale.

Here in FL, JDL is more for professionals, don't know much about Ewing other than they have a great reputation online.

I wasn't being arrogant when I said,"When the time is right". Just the opposite, no one knows who I am yet but I'm working on that.

You can't just call these big companies and get to the decision makers, believe me, I have tried. Your lucky to get past the receptionist if your a nobody like myself.

Without question my product is a major "contender" when compared to its competition found on the market today. That doesn't add up to a hill of beans though in the big scope of things. No one knows my product exist for the most part. Arrogant I am not, Determined I am Absolutely!

If you think you can work me into any of those companies, do your magic, I'll cut you in on the deal. Must be brick and mortar stores, I have the internet side covered already.
That is not true, every time I walk into our local irrigation supply house they have some products on the floor that are from one product companies.

I do not buy from Ewing, JDL, or Longhorn generally, but I do grab a few odds and ends from them. They usually have a few products out also. You might start at the local supplies and ask if you can set up a small station. You might be surprised at how willing they are. If they can pull in a few extra $$$ they will do it.
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