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Originally Posted by JLSLLC View Post
no college experience here, just 18mo in a trade school for auto mechanics and my prior experience turning wrenches in a shop.. i enjoy reading the posts where other posters stated its not necessary!!! Good topic
It's not college but you learned something.... I think someone who jumps into this industry without prior experience, as in knowing how to do the tasks required, is going to struggle. So everyone should at least be "educated" in the industry they are pursuing.

My current full time, sorry I'm part time guys, requires a Masters degree and certifications. The current crop of people wanting to enter my profession with their degree and certification in hand are worthless. They have ZERO practical knowledge of the career field but have fancy pieces of paper saying they do. They do more damage to my industry, just like those that damage the green industry. There are very qualified people I'd enjoy having work with me but cannot due to not having those pieces of paper. But then there are the ones who have the papers AND practical knowledge. They are priceless!!
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