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Originally Posted by Green King View Post
They look similar but from what I understand is the massey has pumps and wheel motors and the kubota has transaxles. Also the radiator on the massey is in the very back of the machine where the kubota is behind the seat. The zd331 kubota is 77 cid motor and the zt29 massey is a 84 cid motor. Massey has a stamped deck the kubota a fabricated deck. The deck lift is on the floor platform on the kubota? and the massey is on the control panel?
That's not correct according to the PDF in the link that weaver provided.

The 29 hp is 89.3 CI and the 33 is 91.4 CI. Those are large engines for the HP they turn out, so they should be very durable.
Originally Posted by Darryl G
I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.
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