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After much consideration and research

Hello again everyone. I have viewed the responses very carefully, and have discovered two very distinct groups of people.
Group 1: People that are honestly being helpful and honest and are interested in the success of another person as well as ensuring the quality of the industry.
Group 2: People that seem to be more interested in having people shut out, doing it only one way (their way) and people that seem to be arogant and snobbish and insult those with less experience.

After reviewing all the repsonses, looking at other forums, researching equipment on line and in person, talking to several people locally that are in the industry, speaking with about 50 people that utilize the types of services I will be offering, I have had to come to a few realizations:

1) If I am to make it in this industry, I am going to have to be willing to invest in professional grade equipment that will last and give professional results. This is not a problem. Contrary to some of the comments, I am not "cash poor". I can afford upwards of ten grand if need be. And no, I will not risk my credit on a start up business that may or may not succeed. That if were to fail, it could risk my home and my other business. That is called intelligence and secure investment.

2) I will have to be willing to go bigger at the start than originally planned. I will indeed need to have a target of 20 repeating customers to make it worthwhile and have a chance of growing the business. This is no problem either. I am no stranger to hard work, long hours, and dedication. I already have a successful retail business that is backed by internet retail and advertising. I have built that from the ground up and approached it in the beginning the same way I am this. I now have enough time to venture into other areas and leave a legacy to each of my children that will give them options in their futures. I have managed other companies and proven myself a competent business man.

So, with all that said, I will be purchasing professional, quality, used equipment at a reputable local dealer that provides service in my own home town. I am preparing the advertising campaign online, in mailings, and in local media as well as the basic door to door and footwork. I have already secured an account with my church to do the lawn care for them (weekly service at $ 75 a week for what will take me an hour a week).

I am confident and secure that I will be successful in this. So, let's move on and get to the reccomendations of brands, sizes, and types of equipment and methods.

Thanks to all of you. Positive and negative, your honesty has been helpful.
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