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Originally Posted by robertcoats View Post
Overfilling the oil may cause the oil to drain through the breather tube and soak the air filter. This can cause the air supply to be reduced, resulting in a rich-running engine.
My Honda engines have been very reliable, but they have also appeared to be more sensitive to air filter clogging than other engines.
Filters that appeared to be relatively clean could still cause an engine to run rich. An oil soaked filter would certainly cause this issue, and overfilling can do just what you said.

One thing many people don't pay attention to, is the instructions in the manual about never tilting the engine carb side down. It is clearly written in every Honda manual, but most people read past this, and if you do that, you will also soak the air filter in oil.

Originally Posted by robertcoats View Post
The wheels/tires go first, mostly due to curb/sidewalk scrubbing.
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