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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
okay, I just started leaf clean up this year. Was doing it the hard way with blowers rakes and tarps and just dumping them onto the trailer. I just bought a power bagger to go on my gravely zt 52hd mower, and it should be here probably friday. Do these things really work well? How easy is it to dispose of the clippings? Do these things tear up a lot? What kind of maintenance am I supposed to perform on it? Im new to this leaf clean up game, and if anyone has any tips to give me, I would greatly appreciate them.

The baggers on my Exmarks work great. The leaves are chopped up pretty well, so they will take up less space. We switch to Gator blades for cleanup time. There is a single grease fitting on mine. They tend to eat belts a little more often.

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