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Originally Posted by Mr. Force™, Billy Goat Industries View Post
Yes you are entitled to you opinion but that doesn't mean you always need to voice them. However, if your as tough in real life as you act online I sure hope you live by your rules when you deal with you wife or customers. You'll have neither in short order!
This made me laugh. I think I can guess the gender of this person based on how personal this was taken. Your talking to one of guys on here that owns one of the better run company's on this site. Dosent mean you have to like him or take cheap shots. Besides being colorful the blower mount looks homemade and the blower way to small to keep up with the amount of cfm's these other 2 blowers offer. You get what you pay for. Also the fact that its 200 mph means your restricting the air flow a lot and missing out on additional cfm's to carry the leaves and that spout is wayyyyyyy to small, only 4 inches. Yes it would get the leaves up but not push a 4ft high pile of leaves 5 or 6 ft.
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