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when was last time you went to a real green meeting? if your already using SA how could you NOT be using the measurement assistant ? its all already integrated into your software, and you can measure a lawn and email a customer estimate while your are on the phone with the customer. but to answer your questions

we dont do lawn analysis...all customers get basically the same treatments. when we do the first app we leave detailed notes on the invoice telling them what the lawn needs most and that we will be supplying it through the rest of the years applications. if its something major like fungus, nut grass, nimbilwill, or just a lawn full of crabgrass we make sure to call that customer and let them know its going to take 2 seasons to get the lawn looking good.

has Greatly improved the closing rate. i have all the data in my system, last year i sent out 13000 pre-pay letters with a price on them for that yard and had 130 new customers sign up, many of them just sent a check in and never even called us.......

aeration and overseeding: some of the new customers pre-paid for aeration too. but we never ask to pre-pay for seeding b/c you never know how much your going to need to use. we always determine that few weeks before seeding time

we try to tell customers that we really dont make a special trip just to meet you, we can schedule a time to do the application at a time when your home, and we explane that with fuel cost and labor cost that we are trying to keep the price down for them, most understand, if they oppose this.....then just go meet them.

RG has it all, i wouldn't be messing around with Goilawn when you have a powerful tool right in your office that you already pay for.
PM me if you have anymore questions about RG i dont work for them, i own a LC company and RG gets me new customers every week just by using the software the right way
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