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I callled the police the first ten minutes when i noticed the equipment gone. The detective came and asked me about 15 quetsions of where my last where abouts where and how i noticed the equipment gone. He actually was a landcsaper himself. He saw my New to me 1979 john deere 400 and my John deere 116 im parting out and selling on ebay in the garage and we spent a little over and hour talking landscaping and business.

I have a police report on file and already contacted my insurance agent. The total amount stolen was $4,489.95 if i had to go out and buy all the equipment right now at weingartz. My insurance agent sent me a stolen item form to fill out which lists each piece of equipment stolen, serial numbers, what i paid and what it is worth brand new. I have all of the recipts and all the serial's for everything. The police have that list as well.

I emailed him the list this afternoon and he said it should be around a week for the appraiser to call around and see the prices of the replacement equipment. then i will get a check to me, less the depreciation of the equipment. After i get the check cut, it will be normally 10% less than the retail of the equipment. IF i want to go out and buy it all brand new, i can save my recipts and send them in to my insurance agent and they will reimburst me the price i had to pay for each individual piece of equipment.

Thankfully i have a great insurance agent and company.

Insured and Licensed
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