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You gave the impression that you did not have "thousands upon thousands of dollars for new equipment, which sounded to me like you were cash poor. Well, $10,000 is thousands upon thousands of dollars isn't it?

I'm still interested in what equipment you have. Others seem to be under the impression that you have a Craftsman zero turn mower, but I don't see that anywhere. Do you have a lawn tractor, a zero turn or a push mower? A trimer? A blower? Do you have a truck? A trailer? How can we help you if you don't respond to simple questions?

My point was that it would be very hard to be profitable with 4 or 5 accounts due to expenses such as insurance and bookkeeping, and if that was your goal it wouldn't be worth it. One of the posters here fails to mention that he mowed lawns for money for "the better part of a decade" before starting his business just this past season. That is in my opinion not the way to do it.
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