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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
i thought about getting a part time job during the summer when i had a few really slow months but then I realized if I just knock on a few doors, I can make the same money i would have made if i worked 3 or 4 nights a restaurant or some crappy hourly job, so I did and no job was needed, things do get tight in the summer but you gotta be able to get past that and look forward and be proactive. if someone offered me a full time job for 18/hr i would way i could do it now. Don't get me wrong if i have nothing going on and one of my buddies needs some help with tree work or doing clean ups i'll work for little money just to help them, but thats only for a day or two, every couple of months. if even that much.
I had similar thoughts with getting a job for this winter, I have a couple grand banked from a patio + stairs & retaining wall I did as well as some very profitable days with aerating & clean ups and most bills have been prepaid and I'm going to school full time through this coming spring so it's not like I'll be sitting on my a$$ all day and night but there's no way in hell I could work anywhere else. I plan to be relaxing after class and developing sales plans to greatly expand my business (plus plowing the few snow accts that I have).
I've had days where I've netted $100.00+/hr all day and parts of those days it was $270/hr (solo). I don't want to work for anyone else making $20/hr less taxes (if you can even get that, most part time jobs or w/e are barely $10/hr) doing something I don't necessarily like.
I plan to continually grow my business with full service maint clients to the point where I can take a few days off during early & late July for a couple trips (4th of July, Millville MX Pro Nat'ls) and won't have to worry about finances as the payments are the same as any other month through the landscape season.
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