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Originally Posted by robertcoats View Post
Honda does not publish any lifespan values for any mowers or engines. That said, I have personally seen HRX mowers used by commercial operators easily get 1,000+ hours of use. The wheels/tires go first, mostly due to curb/sidewalk scrubbing. For routine, residential use, the HRX should last decades with proper service.

Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding is my opinion alone.
What he said ^^^^^.

But, the replacement wheels are easy to get, easy to mount.

In heavy use, I change oil once per week, refilling with 16 oz of Rotella 10W-30. The dipstick shows at the "full" line. I drain it out by turning the mower on its side, over a used oil pan (holds a couple of gallons, flat, pour spout on the top, and drain hole on the side). I do not wait five minutes. But, I only drain when the engine is hot. After many hundreds of hours of service, the GCV 190 runs well, starts well, and shows no sign of burning oil, or loosing power.

The engines probably last longer (hours of service life) when run 30-40 hours per week, rather than a homeowner, running it one hour per week, sitting for 167, fire up for 1 hour, sitting for 167 hours, fire up for one hour, etc.
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